The Balboa FUN Zone 




Rituals: The Slo-mo hurricane. Sandy wiped out the fun zones of the Jersey Shore overnight. Here, (Balboa) it’s a less dramatic erosion.






my response comment to clarify slight but significant misquotes ...


*!* THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA *!* for passionately contributing awareness of the value and urgency to support appreciation and preservation of our beloved and cherished Historic Balboa Village FUN Zone !!! ( Still here and Still FUN with the awesome highlight of The FUN Zone experience aka The Ferris Wheel and recently added new FUN attractions also) However I would just like to clarify that my singing, entertainment consulting and community networking business is still spresent in Balboa since 1982 vs only until 2010 at the closing of Menagerie Castle creative arts studio. Our next free after summer Balboa community networking mixer [arty will be on Wednesday September 25 5-9 pm FREE admission FREE food FREE entertainment by Tina Hoffman Music and Clif Miller

Details at www.MenagerieEntertainment.Com/Calendar.html *!* READERS are also invited to join BALBOA related communication at AND  

Much Love & BlesSINGs !!! &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫ 


Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to view clarification of numerous Q &A interview misquotes 




The most accurate clarification is for you to view the final fact check Q & A wrap after several weeks of communication with two amazing journalists from Orange Coast Magazine....


The entire Q & A will follow communication regarding my request to add my comment posted in appreciation and to clarify slight but significant misquotes.




Tina: I'm sorry if there were inaccuracies in Laura's essay. We try our best to get things right, but from time to time, we falter. If there are specific inaccuracies we need to correct, we will gladly correct them. But our space for corrections and clarifications is very small, so please send me an email that lists specific inaccuracies. I'm not clear from your previous note what exactly you take issue with. Thanks.


FROM Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com

Thanks again...!


I am definitely empathetic to journalists and understand the challenge of accuracy especially when there is SO MUCH to digest ...on top of condensing six months of communication into one paragraph  lol


Which is why instead of requesting a correction that no one will view anyway I believe it would be best to just approve my full comment including the links that will clarify inaccuracies without distracting from Laura's otherwise most beautiful thought+action provoking ARTicle


Musician and unofficial Balboa tour guide Tina Hoffman, who has lived in the Fun Zone and #1) had a singing and entertainment consulting business there until 2010, has kept track of every attraction that’s been ousted. The carousel. The bumper cars. candy store  The Scary Dark Ride. The shell shop #2) The ice cream store combined with the candy store AND spinning tin soldier drums )

“They’ve already removed just about every business #3) in the Fun Zone area except the arcade, the boat rental, #4) and the ice cream shop,” she says. “Anybody left in the block is walking on eggshells. ”  #5) I also included  the most awesome highlight of the entire FUN zone aka Ferris Wheel as still remaining

#1) My entertainment, music and community networking business is still in Balboa since 1982 

#2) The spinning tin soldier drums and fun zone ice cream store combined with the candy store was removed ( a newer ice cream store still remains)

#3) I had explained that using "the Fun Zone area" terminology vs specifying upraised space surrounding previous location of the carousel within The Fun Zone...for many would confirm the negative impression that the the entire Fun Zone and  Balboa Community has already been removed and closed down with little hope for restoration since most people inaccurately envision the entire Balboa Village as "The Fun Zone" even all the way to Balboa Pier and Peninsula Park

#4) See #2 ice cream shop clarification

#5) I also included the most awesome highlight of the entire FUN zone aka Ferris Wheel as still remaining with approximate 25 yr now risking offense by the amazing kind hearted generous owner who will be hurt and disappointed at what could potentially sabotage his admireable promotional efforts instead deserving recognition as the most dedicated volunteer of his own time and out of pocket expense to preserve and advertise the remaining FUN in the FUN zone AND new FUN attractions on the boardwalk...but without any mention of any of that positive progress in spite of my multiple praises during every there is risk of appearing as the opposite spectrum of my intentions to support every merchant's efforts to attract visitors vs repel with visions of a ghost town lol....


But at the same time realistic community awareness of what history has already been removed is a necessity to avoid any further removal and to potentially return any that is discovered to be available such as the carouselle.





FROM Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com


THANK SO MUCH .... for contributing to the interest in our BELOVED BALBOA !!!

I will provide my answers to the best of my knowledge under each question below 

Many are not answerable by a yes or no so you can view exactly what I shared with Laura for your consideration of most accurate terminology.



Hi Tina Hoffman,

My name is ...and I'm fact-checking an article for Orange Coast Magazine. I was wondering if you could verify the following facts:

1. Are you a Balboa tour guide * and musician?

2. Did you live in the FunZone and own a business there?


Q-how best to describe you....give me just a few lines on yourself. so far i've been able to see that you are a musciain. 

A- ♫ Singer, Entertainment Consultant & Promoter of inspirational artists, musicians & communities since 1976 ♫


Q-are you a balboa activist? 

A- I prefer to avoid affiliation with the politics required to be an "activist" so "Balboa Enthusiast" would be more accurate lol


Q-when did you live there and was it "getting run down" then. what was your business...

A-I have been singing (and producing community events) in Balboa since the late 70's and moved there near The FUN Zone from Corona Del Mar around 1984 and have always considered it sad and ignorant to confuse preservation of Newport Beach history, family FUN nostalgia and vintage village decor with... "run down"


Q-are you still doing the tours...

A- ( * Not sure if considered an official tour guide ?...However...) Yes my entertainment business is still based in Balboa with Hollywood cross promotion and as an event consultant...even above Beverly Hills... Balboa is still my most favorite location to recommend for events, weddings, parties, photo shoots, film production and shopping for unique and affordable gifts and most fabulous waterfront dining experience anyone could ever imagine during ANY season I still provide tours by appointment several times a week and also hourly when I produce my own events there such as our annual "Balboa New Years DAY talent celebration" at our gazebo stage in Peninsula Park ....and "Balboa Wedding & Romance Faire" where beginning at the event  hospitality center aka www.AngelaLouise.Com boarding dock patio  (decorated by florist and designer friends especially for this event)  I escort guests to view 7 gorgeous and affordable event locations within just a 4 block walking distance 






Historic Gazebo Peninsula Park at Balboa Pier





Q-whree do you live now....want to put just a blurb in about you....

A-Near Balboa Blvd and PCH (Newport Beach) until I find another affordable "party palace" location in The FUN Zone lol





Q-Was the carousel, bumper cars, candy store, Scary Dark Ride, and shell shop ousted?

A-Regardless of the publicized politically correct legal terminology "leases not renewed"

According to the dictionary definition of "ousted" and considering none of those business owners desired removal and/or relocation 

(as you can confirm with Patrick Moore owner of the ferris wheel, carouselle and removed rides www.TheBalboaFunZone.Com)

ANYONE would have to say YES



to deprive of or exclude someone from possession of something

to remove from or dispossess of property or position by the compulsion of necessity

to deprive a person of the possession of land

to expel or remove from a place or position occupied:

to stand in the way, oppose banish, dislodge.

to take the place of or supplant as to displace and substitute for another


The removed fun zone rides, attractions and shops were displaced and substituted by the Newport Nautical Museum & Explorocean agenda

www.NHNM.Org now changed to www.Explorocean.Org




Q-Are the arcade, the boat rental, and the ice cream shop the only businesses left?

A-There are several businesses still left throughout Balboa Village and boardwalk outside of the upraised historic fun zone location now owned by the museum but those directly on their upraised property are the sushi restaurant, new BBQ place that replaced the recently restored bumper car themed Ruby's affiliate streamliner diner. Others that I believe ( ? ) are in the range of their extended dock property ownership who are still left but at risk are Marina Water Sports, Historic Riverboat www.AngelaLouise.Com and The ferris wheel which is still there...for spite of publicized Explorocean artist renderings of a completely different larger modern carouselle the current one still has several years left on the lease according to statements by owner Patrick Moore who also owns the carouselle and his dad owns the arcade www.TheBalboaFunZone.Com





Q-Are there only 30-day leases? Does this put the businesses at risk for eviction at the end of every month?

A-I haven't personally seen the leases so my belief that this is true is based on word of mouth specifically regarding the endangered arcade...and complete silence when I asked the owner of the sushi restaurant and ice cream shop (not the Fun Zone icecream/candy store which was also removed)

Patrick has been quoted as stating he has several years left on the lease of his ferris wheel space

but I have been told by several reputable mutual Balboa merchant friends that he and his dad can't participate in any efforts to prevent fun zone alterations

since for protection of their business must be cautious regarding publicizing their personal opinion of their landlord's expansion plans at risk of receiving retribution in the form of no lease renewal for the following month aka 30 day notice...(NOT SURE but from what I think I remember that is how many FEW days Patrick unexpectedly had to try to relocate the caroselle  and /or accumulate community support to prevent the historic it might be worth effort to contact him directly to confirm accuracy regarding this specific question )





Q-Is the ExplorOcean Museum now behind where the carousel used to stand?

A-It is now replacing all of the previous rides, ice cream / candy shop and shell shop that used to surround the carouselle which btw is now a cement space topped with plastic patio chairs delegated for events which btw is creating competition for event business much needed for the survival of surrounding event venues such as those listed on my "event location tour" list above  (However since Explorocean and affiliate event planners receive FUNd$ from the Balboa improvement city budget at least the space is being used for free and reduced cost FUN oceanic education and community networking not available at any of the other venues not receiving any portion of those delegated city FUNd$)


It's difficult to determine which what part of the property would be considered as a museum vs event center other than a few historic photos which is probably why they have changed the name from Newport Nautical Museum to Explorocean as you can see by the signage on the building and also redirection of the original website address 





Q-Do you think the new design is a monstrosity, a mausoleum, and a representation of the loss of memories?

A-In my own personal opinion ...YES exactly !!!



Monument or space above ground representing memory of the honored dead



Something, esp. a building, that is very large and considered unsightly.

Something that is outrageously or offensively wrong

A malformation deviating from the normal

An object of great and frightening size or excessively shocking


Here are some additional transparent descriptions by others you can view at our Facebook pages and groups* 



take it to San Pedro

white elephant like The Balboa Theater

HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!

SO SO SO SO wrong !

omg I am devasted !

huge and UGLY with NO Balboa charm

Epcot Center wannabe


loss for words

omg not good

This SUCKS !!!

on par for NB 'empty' design


cruise ship tourist trap

this is the dark side of NB disrespect of historical buildings and architecture. It;s really sad.

I knew this ugliness was coming eventually

simply not rational

myopic tunnel vision

someone that does not have kids is thinking this junk up

it is so dumb

looks very cold and sterile to me

This makes me so sad

this is hysterical

absolute G...D... insanity


eminent domain

What are they trying to do ? Take the FUN out of the FUN zone ?



* Visit these groups to view more ongoing "COMMENTS" at "I grew up in Newport Beach before it was The OC"







Q-Is the museum looking for $105 million to get the design built?

A- Balboa Fun Zone gearing up for nautical upgrade -

Jan 16, 2013 – ExplorOcean, formerly known as the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, has begun a vigorous fundraising process for a $105 million center




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