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$15 "TRAVELING LOVE" Homeless Care Gift Collection of items from 99c Only and Dollar Tree stores.
Cosmetic Travel Bag, 99c Phone Card, Bible, Journal Pen, Book Light, Socks, Compact Umbrella, First Aid Kit, Sanitary Wipes, Feminine Products, Deoderant, Toothbrush Toothpaste combo, Zippered manicure set inc comb and razor, Chapstick & Shampoo. (Ask friends to contribute their xtra fast food condiments, travel size shampoos, conditioners, lotions and misc toiletries from their hotel visits) OTHER ITEMS you might like to add ...Bus pass, 99c Only Gift Card, Restaurant Certificates ...From Thee Urban Trekker Project " maybe carry an extra big trash bag with you/ dollar tree plastic poncho/ 99 cent only store tarp(its the perfect 4x6 size"...PRINT OUT instructions for WRITING AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY at www.lifetimememoriesandstories.com_ebooks_WritingAnAutobiography...ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS ?


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