Jeane Granada Coutts






Self Portrait




$300 Gypsy Den Cafe

24 x 32 original oil


The Gypsy Den Cafe is located at 125 N. Broadway Ave. on the corner of the Second Street promenade. This is a cool hang out with a bohemian ambience, and good food and coffee, and some beer and wine. The Gypsy Den is part of what makes up the bohemian and arty atmosphere that pervades the Artists Village in Santa Ana. The Gypsy Den offers performances and poetry readings. Check out for their calendar.

giclee print gypsy-den-artists-village-santa ana






Frutas y Raspados (Fruit and Slurpies). Santa Ana Artists' Village series and features a sidewalk vendor in Santa Ana California. It is one in a series of paintings of well-known sites, scenes, and places in and around the Artists' Village in Santa Ana.


Fourth and Fifth Streets in downtown Santa Ana offer an array of stores catering to the local Hispanic community. Street vendors such as the one featured in this artwork are a common site on the sidewalks in this part of town, offering treats and snacks to sustain the locals on their shopping expeditions.


Fruit and slurpie street vendor Santa Ana California






Pangaea is located n the Santora Building of the Arts, in the Artists' Village, Santa Ana California. original artwork by in a series featuring several sites and locations in and around the Santa Ana Artists' Village 




Pangea in the Artists Village Santa Ana by Jeane Granada Coutts




The Wild Ponies of Assateague Island


$5,000 Original Oil on Canvas by California artist Jeane Granada Coutts


The Wild Ponies of Assateague Island is a magnificently large and vibrant work of art byCalifornia artist Jeane Granada Coutts.  Jeane completed the work as the center piece of her "New Inspirations" exhibition.  The artwork shows a herd of wild Assateague Island ponies in the sea off Assateague Island, which straddles the states of Maryland and Virginia. The piece is full of movement, life, and a rainbow of color. The scene appears to be at sunrise or sunset as the canvas is vibrant with a full spectrum of color. The horses’ eyes are wide, their nostrils flared, and their manes whipped back giving the impression that the ponies are taking flight rather than frolicking in the surf. Perhaps the ponies live on the Virginia side of the island and are being rounded up for the annual swim to Chincoteague Island (during low tide) to be auctioned off by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company to raise money for fire and rescue equipment?


Wild ponies of Assateague Island - Original oil painting

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