♫ Joseph Larsen "SweetHeartBEATof The Band" Drums & Vocals


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♫ DRUMS & VOCALS Joseph Larsen Drums 




( Gene Loves Jezebel, Keith Fearri, Sin City Sinners, Brand New Machine) 
Gene Loves Jezebel Heartache 
Gene Loves Jezebel Motion of Love 
Gene Loves Jezebel Desire 
Sin City Sinners Running With The Devil 
Soundcheck Live 13 Lucky Strike Magic Man
Soundcheck Live Lithium

Ultimate Jam Night Tribute to Guns N' Roses “Mama Kin” & “Civil War”  with Chas West Aaron Samson Alex Kane Chris Hager Paul Zablidowsky Olga Attack 


Bronson Rock Texas Purple Rain Prince Tribute 



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  • 01/01/2019
    Balboa Gazebo - Newport Beach, CA