Friday July 1, 2015 

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Tina Hoffman That would be my black cat with big green eyes aka Mees Mees Pappas (German for Kitty Kitty and I received him from our cute little old man Greek friend we used to help) Since I was an only child and all I wanted to do was stay home and play music and sing the cat was my best friend (and audience LoL) from 1960-1975 until I moved and had to adopt him to our neighbor since he had become accustomed to receiving the benefits of their daily habit of fishing. Ten years later when I bumped into his new parents they said his vet was so surprised how purrrfectly healthy he was for being estimated 9 yrs old and they almost fainted when I revealed he was actually 15 years older than that aka 24 almost 25. I sure wish I could remember their names to find and tag with this FBF comment LoL &;-) ♪♫ 

Mees Mees Recollection inspired by Kerry Getz and Luna

Reminds me of my beloved super shiny black cat with green eyes that I adopted days after his birth when I was 2 yrs old and then at 16 was devastated when he adopted another family since they had been feeding him kitty delights from their daily fishing adventures then 10 years later after I moved and accidentally bumped into his new parents they said the vet couldn't believe how healthy he was for 9 yrs old but they didn't realize he was 24 !!! &;-) ♪♫


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