My cover band "Menagerie" started the entertainment there on weekends then the owner let me have Sundays and Mondays to produced my experimental OC IE LA crosspromotion band showcase events where I would rearrange the tables to create a "stage" plus bring in the PA and lighting and room decor plus manage the door and security ...all by myself...eventually years later when it got popular and my all original music events extended to all week AND weekends instead of cover music and the owner eventually purchased a real stage and sound engineers and door + security staff etc.....then shark promoters came along and took over...then it closed down reopened by same owners of The Coach House and Galaxy sold now Observatory where I produced events now there is even more potential for live music scene awesomeness LoL

After that I decided to spend more time helping my talent agency clients to learn all about venue CONTRACTS LoL !!!

I am still so happy to see how many bands have and are still benefiting from all of those years of HARD WORK btw mostly all uncompen$ated and at my own expen$e ...but worth it !!!

&;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫


Inspired by Connie Mecca-Ryan response to my sad pokeman garage sale story


Speaking of not wanting to part with but forced to sell out of financial desperation... is this even more sad story of when while struggling to pay rent for myself and 6 father abandoned children I was down to only a few valuables left including my vintage lingerie, sentimental antique baby clothes collection worn by every child and the ornate antique French renaissance carved bed they were born in that I regrettably sold for only $125 and then while watching them carry it all the way to their truck at the beach parking lot near where we lived suddenly hit me and I cried so hysterically I misplaced the cash never to be found so I literally sold that nostalgic heirloom treasure aka irreplaceable piece of family history for nothing. My eyes are starting to leak now so I better get back to work LoL

♫ Since the early 80s we had a blue and white one of these that eventually after years of transporting tons of band equipment + six children while withstanding rust producing beach weather conditions the entire time it's last few years of life without total disintegration was only the result of almost complete BAND AID* coverage aka at all of my nightly gigs in OC HOLLYWOOD IE & SD musician angel friends had a lot of fun contributing to Menagerie Mobile longevity (and priceless local music scene memories) by strategizing promotional *BAND STICKER placement LoL making me a rolling target for many law enforcement officers lacking "art appreciation" LoL!!! 

&;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪


Recollection inspired by Hard Rock Cafe Gibson Guitar Rick Duarte

I've only been to Vegas once once in 1997 or 98ish unexpected late afternoon kidnapping by guitarist friend and record speed tour of the strip all night until returning back home to work after steak lobster dinner or breakfast ??? buffet LoL

Recollection inspired by James Adams shared Sophia Vria's photo.


The little angel girl on the left LQQKS EXACTLY like my #2 angel daughter Victoriana Rose born in BALBOA Newport Beach in 1991

Approx 1997 my #3 angel daughter Eviana and #2 Victoriana on the Malibu set of "The A List" movie (locations also included our Menagerie Castle in BALBOA) by musician / film produer friends Laura and John Ballor aka film crew for my URTV Underground Raw TV cable channel Radio Circus local band showcase events in HOLLYWOOD & Orange County I STILL have the original VHS tapes of those LoL aka Music Scene Museum STILL in construction…

&;-) ♪♫ > heart emoticon < ♪♫

Tina Hoffman's photo.
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James Adams
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Mia Ailanjian
Mia Ailanjian Absolutely beautiful! Just like their mom!
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Tina Hoffman
Tina Hoffman ♫ San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) Scott McKenzie - Monterey Pop Festival 1967 Written by John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas ♫

My mom bought me a taser GUN for protection from all of the derelicts she found out I encounter at all hours throughout all of my decades of music scene adventures and have a habit of trying to help but before I had a chance to learn how to use it one of those unappreciative characters stole it LoL LESSON LEARNED as soon as you acquire any kind of GUN make sure you also immediately acquire expert training for necessary skills as demonstrated by inspirational self defense angel friends Eileen and Victor Marx "How many of you feel better on the streets with a pistol?"

June 3, 1994

M.E. aka Menagerie Entertainment BACKSTAGE with The Eagles at Blockbusters Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, CA near The Renaissance Faire


Pink Floyd at Jack Murphy Stadium on 1994-04-14 (San Diego, California, USA)

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