Recollection inspired by
Costa Mesa Town Square Facebook thread regarding homeless solutions
Tina Hoffman I volunteered with several different church ministries serving the Costa Mesa Motor Inn from 2000 -2009 and was invited into the rooms of many we were assisting. Most seemed to be exclusively spanish speaking families up to 7 in one room aka six children including newborns and both parents sincerely trying to work extremely hard long hours at any available jobs regardless of how physically exhausting while creatively utilizing the at the time 28 day immediately renewable stay limit as their only resource for semi safe housing since any of the other nearby apartments some would suggest as less expensive required documentation they couldn't provide. Thoughout that entire duration and ever since then I am also aware that CMMI is / was also one of the top OC underground recommendations for the homeless including recently released from prison attempting to find a break from living on the streets even if only for a few hours much more attractive to them in comparison to other shelters enforcing life altering restrictions and accountability

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