During all of my challenges on top of #3 father abandoned teen son Julienne juvenile issues plus the enemy condemnation reasoning of why should I be providing entertainment and making the effort to discover and develop talent for all of these people when I can't even provide for my own...I remember before my first event there it was especially painful as I was preparing everything and loading my donated rickety VW Scirocco miracle mobile #4 (View photos at www.menagerieentertainment.com/harvest*) just minutes before one of my children had notified me of holey tennis shoes and I didn't even have $1 to find any at Goodwill...but I ignored satan's taunting about that and ALL of the MANY other times he pointed out my lack of ability to provide during times I was lead by God to give to others anyway and the day after the event there was a bag of all used clothes we would often find on our porch to sort through but on this day included with all of the used was a brand new pair of tennis shoes that was just the right size for whichever child it was that had notified me of the holey shoes during preparation for that first event for the shelter
so even at my own expense with my 3 girls and Julienne I still continued bringing my "Taste of the Arts" events to an apartment community transformed into a transitional shelter for families www.ocinterfaithshelter.org that resulted in so many BlesSINGs and inspirational stories I was selected to receive the ºoº Disney 5K Community Award Grant one of the years I was a cast member ºoº

Recollection inspired by my introduction of TV host Christi Given to PamEla Norman Newman former wife of Larry Norman who informed me of Christi's show on the topic of Jewish Heritage so now introducing her to Aaron Cohen

My sex slave trafficking abolitionist friend Aaron Cohen author of "Slave Hunter" is Jewish

but his mom became Christian after she was miraculously healed... I forget the whole story but he is fascinating and like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Jewish history and as a result of his related passion for The Bible is also an expert on Israel relate end times prophecy...
also author of Jubilee Prophecy: Peace Through Music*


* After he asked me to assist with promoting his first book in 2002 related to some mutual music history my collaborations to connect him with my entertainment industry resources also reluctantly extended into God's assignment for me to become a prayer partner intercessor requiring previously avoided familiarity with every detail involved with his Slave Hunter activities before introducing him to my Christian media affiliates and TBN related ministries including Rod Parsley + JCTV/JUCE Top 3 hosts...now a good friend of Rich Jr

and Rod Parsley who invited him to be on his Collide Prophecy Summit with Grant Jeffrys and Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe and introduced him as "The Modern Day John The Baptist"

I invited him to the JUCE taping to introduce him to James since he would love the Jesus people music festival history .. since he was the manager of Janes Addiction and friends with Perry Ferrell during the creation of Lollapalooza music festivals for the purpose of raising funds for 3rd world country debt relief efforts...AND at that time discovered the sex slave trafficking pandemic before anyone else was aware resulting in all that you can read about if you google and youtube search "Aaron Cohen Slave Hunter"
La Weekly and OC Weekly have the best overall complete coverage

but he didn't respond so might be out of the country on mission assignment

Abolitionist Aaron Cohen - Human Trafficking in The United States and Around The World


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