Photo by Eviana Belle, 2012
♪♫  Dear Friends ♪♫
 I hope you are all enjoying a very Blessed  Holyday Season !

This is the first time in the past 20 years I have finally had the circumstances to even think about sharing any kind of end of the year overview that I always appreciate receiving from others and has unexpectedly developed into finally creating a personal photo journal diary blog which is a combination Christmas Greeting, NEW YEARS EVE PARTY invitation AND early start to my new year's resolution for restoration and celebration of multifaceted memories that contributed to surviving so many years full of challenging circumstances. It's also a challenge to even know how to start lol so I will just share brief updates with links to additional details for anyone interested. If you click on names of my children it will take you to their individual pages and you can bookmark www.Tina4Music.Blogspot.Com to revisit for more updates in the future. &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫
35 yr old son Angelo who loves sports moved to Alameda after receiving a welding job opportunity.
27 yr old musician martial artist son Adrienne moved to Florida to open a martial arts studio with a friend he met while involved with related special services for The Army.
25 yr old singer photographer graphic arts daughter Christiana is still enjoying her job managing at my talent agency client's office www.TheEventConsultants.Com
23 yr old musician DJ artist writer promoter construction culinary son Julienne is in the process of investigating resources to assist with extended education
21 yr old artist singer musician photographer daughter Victoriana has been Loving life in Seattle since graduation from Newport Harbor High now attending www.SPU.Edu and utilizing her multifaceted artistic talents to pay for a recent knee injury and to finance art studies in Europe this spring semester with her "Victoriana Rose" personalized art store at www.VictorianaRose.Com ( Please view photo montage video of her original art and you can also visit her Facebook Shoe ART Gallery  and Inspirational Custom Painted Fandom Shoe ART Gallery Description ) 
19 yr old dancer singer musician artist photographer culinary daughter Eviana and  has a full schedule with related concerts, events & work to finance her desire to travel 
In addition to singingentertainment consulting, event promotion + community networking with merchant friends in Balboa + Beverly Hills + Hollywood and creating/distributing treasures for our FUNdrai$ing eBay $tore at www.MenagerieTreasures.Com ... I am also still using and receiving referral commissions for recommending the Kangen oxygen-alkaline miracle water device to friends and owners of restaurants and medical facilities, www.Melaleuca.Com non toxic home/personal care products + Sei Bella cosmetics, Talk Fusion cutting edge video eMail and broadcasting communication www.TalkFusion.Com/1142500  and NERIUM accidental science discovery organic botanical skin repair partnership with personal development business www.TinaHoffman.NERIUM.Com  www.Facebook.Com/TinaHoffman.NERIUMdotCom
I ESPECIALLY appreciated the rapid and consistent NERIUM residual BLESSING during the unexpected disruption of any other work between July 4 triple herniated disc injury and August 21 c-spine fusion surgery and THANK GOD for miraculous complete recovery within days after that vs 6 months as originally expected in addition to NO LOSS OF VOCAL CHORDS and not even any temporary loss of voice which is usually the most common side effect 
Now since then after experiencing full recovery I have been in the process of accumulating singing engagements to fill my calendar that the surgeon had previously suggested to keep empty...just in case
So it would be appreciated if you could share the link to my song list and demo at www.MenagerieEntertainment.Com/music.html 
if you happen to know of anyone needing entertainment or voice talent and I will be happy to provide 10% thank you compensation for any income I receive as a result of your referrals.
Speaking of income... lol...As a result of interruption of my income due to the July 4 injury + surgery I was not able to accumulate finances to produce our official 15th Annual Balboa New Years DAY Talent Celebration this year, so I will have to let everyone know if I come up with any alternative plan B.
In the meantime, I hope you will come and enJOY an evening of  LIVE MUSIC FUN on a Friday and/or New Years Eve at Centerfield in Huntington Beach.
♫ 12/14 EVERY Friday & New Years Eve ♫ TaJavu.Com ♫ at CenterfieldBar.Com

EVERY FRIDAY and NEW YEARS EVE I will be singing with my brother from another mother John aka www.TaJavu.Com DUO with full band sound
at www.CenterfieldBar.Com 17296 Beach Blvd Huntington Beach 8:30 pm til 1 am. FREE parking ( if the front and back lots are full use the side streets )
*!* NEW YEARS EVE *!* You can pre purchase tickets *!*
2 persons $70 includes steak & lobster dinner PLUS a bottle of champagne
Much Love and Blessings !!!
&;-) ♪♫>♥<♪♫
NEW DEMO with Christmas Songs Track #3
www.TaJavu.Com DUO with Full Band Sound
www.TinaHoffman.Me SOLO with Full Band Sound
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Recollection inspired by prayers for Kristy's knee surgery

It was a God Thing how God worked it out for me to get the surgery done last Thurs right after my consult, as all the surgeons were booked through Sept. My surgeon had spinal surgery the day after my surgery but slipped me into his schedule. What a blessing I did not have to return home to Petersburg last week and fly back to Anchorage again in Sept.

  • Reminds me of the miracle before I was diagnosed with triple cervical spinal disc herniation requiring triple cervical spine fusion neuro insurance gave me the only one on the list but no appointment available for over 2 months while I was barely surviving the excruitiating pain increasing to even parylization of my arm without any relief whatsoever from any of the MANY pain meds they gave me without consideration of the risks of mixing so many incompatible combinations of drugs...which was also a miracle of no side effects...anywayGod inspired me to call back 3 times with the 3rd specifically asking them to check their directory which didn't make sense because how else would they have found the one and only one before...but I listened and called with that suggestion and they did discover another one who ended up the neuro surgeon angel that saw me immediately and scheculed the miracle procedure within a few days

  • Tina Hoffman
    Tina Hoffman

    and he also just happened to have been friends with a neuro surgeon client of mine in 1978 aka another God Wink LoL

In 2012 not sure which episode maybe June 28 ? I awoke to Andrew Wommack's Gospel Truth program on the topic of speaking in tongues and all of a sudden after a few years of previous apprehension and fear I was unexpectedly Blessed with my Heavenly language of unknown tongues


1 Corinthians 12:7-11Amplified Bible (AMP)

But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit [the spiritual illumination and the enabling of the Holy Spirit] for the common good. To one is given through the [Holy] Spirit [the power to speak] the message of wisdom, and to another [the power to express] the word of knowledge andunderstanding according to the same Spirit; to another [wonder-working] faith [is given] by the same [Holy] Spirit, and to another the [extraordinary] gifts of healings by the one Spirit; 10 and to another the working of a]">[a]miracles, and to another prophecy [foretelling the future, speaking a new message from God to the people], and to another discernment of spirits [the ability to distinguish sound, godly doctrine from the deceptive doctrine of man-made religions and cults], to another various kinds of [unknown] tongues, and to another interpretation of tongues. 11 All these things [the gifts, the achievements, the abilities, the empowering] are brought about by one and the same [Holy] Spirit, distributing to each one individually just as He chooses.

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