♫ No time for a real party so inviting friends to vicariously experience my virtual "celebration" instead LoL 

Birthday Party Photos www.facebook.com/Tina4Music/media_set?set=a.10150302339691385.361478.842871384&type=3&pnref=story

It is a creepy freaky realization that right here at the first August 1958 photo until 1st 1959 Miracle
First Birthday I was brought home by my pioneer DIY health enthusiast + Brat Pat tour jazz singer friend of Jack La Lanne and The Lindburg Nutrition Lady after high profile HOLLYWOOD doctors at Temple Street Hospital notified I would never live after 4 week premature birth resulting in lack of respiratory development aka even if my mom's unconventional natural treatments resulted in any increased longevity there would still positively be no possible expectation for survival if engaging in any activity requiring lung capacity. HAHA since the age of 14 I have been earning a living singing, teaching dance+ aerobics and talking A LOT !!! STILL !!! 

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Solange Silverman's photo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR FRIEND! Much love and blessings to you!!!

>♪< WOW >♪< I almost didn't attend my Hot Hula dance class this morning after the awesome concert at Hogue Barmichaels with Moxy and The Influence + Requiem + On Being Human  last night aka 3am bed time but I'm so glad I forced myself to make it since otherwise I wouldn't have bumped into my ex con / ex heroin addict client that I am assisting to produce his autobiography book & movie but lost contact since he has been out of the country collaborating water sports cross promotion between bay front resorts in Balboa Newport Beach and Baja Mexico which now as a result of this perfectly timed God Wink encounter will be assisting my efforts to create felony friendly jobs and housing opportunities for recovering addicts released from correctional institutions facing the challenge of life transformation in between building trust within the community and family circles including one of my own sons + homeless musicians & artists I meet on the streets + ex gangsters introduced to me by my #1 prayer partner, inspirational motivational speaker, author, spoken word poet, artist, comedian, at risk youth/families advocate juvenile hall chaplain gang intervention local and global street ministry anti sex slave trafficking humanitarian "world racer" missionary angel friend Michelle Smith aka “Street Barbie”..."I'm happy to help. You can't con an ex con" Steve. G. aka "The Wayward Captain". CONTACT Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com...To Be Continued...&;-) ♪♫ >

My LG smart phone was stolen by a NAMM photographer trying to keep me in the hotel room aka I was almost kidnapped by human traffickers


Day one at The NAMM Show after a friend texted asking if she could come to the luxury suite where I was enJOYing some amazing photography and modeling tips from www.MicheleBenson.Com a high profile award winning entertainment and portrait photographer...

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