My LG smart phone was stolen by a NAMM photographer trying to keep me in the hotel room aka I was almost kidnapped by human traffickers

Day one at The NAMM Show after a friend texted asking if she could come to the luxury suite where I was enJOYing some amazing photography and modeling tips from www.MicheleBenson.Com a high profile award winning entertainment and portrait photographer with a lot in common including relation to a mutual celebrity friend but regardless I was about to text back that I would be leaving soon since there was so much I wanted to explore at the convention but was never able to send that text since my phone mysteriously disappeared into nowhere right after I placed it down for just a second. 


She kept insisting that I couldn't leave since she wanted to introduce me to an extremely fashionable, talented and popular musician on his way over so I think she hid my phone thinking I would stay until I found it since she saw all of accumulated NAMM photos in the gallery she knew I needed for my coverage and was so impressed she invited me to be her assistant at the TEC Awards but to her surprise instead that was a red flag for me to get out asap...then to top it off she told me she was "a witch but not satanic" and proceeded to show me goddess rings with humungus precious gems and thick heavy real gold dragons she designs and insisted that she try on my as she described "exceptionally long model fingers" as another attempt to distract me from continuing to look for my phone.


When that still didn't stop me from getting up to leave, she forcefully began shouting that I needed to stop looking and then the goddesses would just simply make it appear so I took this opportunity to pray to my own God out loud for BlesSINGs upon her and her family and her photography business and then the musician arrived and as she opened the door I quickly stepped out while politely greeting him and headed toward the elevator and since the maid was in the room directly across within listening distance, the disappointed phone kidnapper decided to follow me down the hall to the elevator stumbling all the way while verbally staging announcements with terminology trying to give the impression that she wanted me to leave LoL The look on the maid's face was priceless as she just rolled her eyes and laughed as tho this was not the first time observing unusual incidents and sounds from THAT room LoL


I never entered the elevator as she was expecting and instead darted into the closest room and asked a different maid to call security managers to strategize how they could help me go back in for another attempt to search confirming it was definitely no where near where I was sitting and I asked this Barney Fife crew to hide around the corners of corridors for possible back up if needed LoL


Since that effort to search again while also at the same time trying to reason with the by then extremely intoxicated phone kidnapper was a fail LoL as I proceeded to document the incident with security and the concierge as I got to the part in the story about the rings I noticed I still had that one on !!! So I immediately yanked it off and asked the same security to return it to her room which they did.


OMG I sure wish THIS visual could have been on film to add to my NAMM coverage LoL otherwise anyone who doesn't know me might find it hard to believe !!! LoL In spite of being accustomed to similarly unusual and risky encounters for as long as I can remember... it is even hard for me to believe myself... even in the midst of while it was actually happening... to myself LoL


Immediately from there I stepped out of the elevator directly right back into the event trying to trace my steps to at least try to re-shoot anything possible with my back up ipod while trying to remember all of the photo locations even tho event highlight moments were now gone along with my phone.


Instead and unexpectedly I almost literally bumped into a long time friend producer and DJ + music video director of www.JUCETV.Org positive youth channel filming the "House of Worship" rehearsal with the Pastor of Hope Joel Osteen Lakewood Worship Band and Israel Houghton aka much appreciated God Wink inspiration in opposite spectrum contrast to what I had just experienced only moments before aka The Heaven after the hell LoL


So where else but at NAMM can you be in a room praying for a witch and then the next rehearsal for a worship concert ? LoL


Here's a hint ºoº ♪♫>♥<♪♫  LoL



It was also a BlesSING while leaving there to receive the comfort of guaranteed transportation assistance if I wasn't able to connect with my carpooling angel friends since I now had no phone to collaborate meet up locations and times with them or any other previously arranged meetings with industry friends who were expecting me to call or text


Even before this I had been experiencing obstacles to attend without a budget for the gas and parking expense but was able to make arrangements to get a ride from my talented songwriter musician friend "Voxy" from where I could park miracle mobile just a few blocks away and then another angel friend manager of www.MoxyAndTheInfuence.Com gave me a ride back. I enJOYed the inspirational conversation I wouldn't have otherwise experienced if not for my need for a ride and their generosity to inconvenience themselves to accommodate. And I doubt if they will ever experience another entertaiment industry story like they heard from me any time soon LoL


NEXT DAY aka NAMM Day 2 unable to attend due to phone issues...


♫ It's a good thing I at least have a few photo memories of this unique experience compliments of the self proclaimed "witch but not satanic" phone kidnapper LoL or else I would have totally woke up today thinking I was just dreaming... a nightmare ! LoL Instead I know it is real since I am REALly missing my phone ALREADY LoL and without budget to replace &;-( ... So if any of my angel friends happen to have an extra phone I can borrow until I can afford to replace please private message or email Tina4Music@Yahoo.Com. And if anyone can donate I can provide a 501C-3 tax deductible charity receipt through a non profit offering to umbrella any gifts or donations delegated to MenagerieEntertainment.Com since the organization is familiar by observing and benefiting from my solo independent efforts to "collaborate talent and resources for local and global life enhancement projects and community celebration events" since the 1970s with consistent history of OBVIOUSLY making NO PROFIT LoL 



No wonder so many say I should write a book and movie SERIES !!! LoL

In the meantime all of my notebooks full of songs inspiring visualization are awaiting musicial collaboration and then production of the music videos that will be a preview of the books and movies currently in construction at


For anyone especially without luxury of relaxing circumstances to effectively articulate and compose memories, recollections and stories I recommend www.Hostbaby.Com website design wizard templates that include blog features that allow you to insert your diary or journal in time order as you gradually remember


I also recently began to share and print out instructions for composing an autobiography at www.lifetimememoriesandstories.com_ebooks_WritingAnAutobiography for inclusion in the Traveling Love & Care Package gifts I distribute to the homeless and also "jail mail" to encourage those incarcerated in adult and juvenile facilities.


And I have been receiving positive feedback with notification of the beneficial results of self realization in addition to life lessons and elevated insight for increased accurate perceptions and perspective experienced by family, friends and beyond. Please notify me if you discover any other autobiography manuals that you prefer.



I originally posted this note this morning but it mysteriously disappeared without any document back up or ability to retrieve =;-0

but as usual ALL of the MANY times that happens the next version includes several significant additions that would have otherwise been left out

PM if you can relate ?!?!? LoL


Much Love & BlesSINGs !!!

&;-) ♪♫ >



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