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Sincerely Eric Blair

From Rhiannon

You are inspirational!!




 I love you Tine your an amazing person that does not get the credit you deserve. Your heart is pure and you're willingness to help others is a Blessing from God Himself. God bless you

Rose Conti
Rose Conti  Tina. You sang Adele's song flawlessly!

Anyone seeking entertainment should look forward to hiring you for their next event!

  • Eric Vanek
    7/11, 3:32pm
    Eric Vanek

     Thank you for all your good vibes!


Xox you are such a shining Spirit

Spencer Cunningham

"You have a bright and shining spirit and had a lot of good ideas"

Deborah Malcolm Meeks

Sean HallSean Hall  I love your pizzazz!

NYE Private Party in Newport Beach

"Great Singing and Song choice was excellent. I love the Cool and Gang closing song Your ability to read the people and provide the music that fits them is perfect.................." Henry Fernandez, Founder of Champion Youth local and global music art dance sports recreation and food programs www.CYUSA.Org 

Honey E. Guerin Angel Tina you rock n shed the joy!

FROM Lido Marina Village Newport Beach Artisan Farmers Market supervisor "Tina Hoffman is a very local performer who adds life and fun to a party.  Her enthusiasm should be bottled and sold - it starts with her big smile and her passion will spread to light up the darkest corners.  Does requests, is well prepared.  Very highly recommended for private or public parties and events.  She also takes no breaks at all - this is amazing and super-professional."

I'm so proud of Tina and how she is able to perform
any style of music and sound like the artist ....
Like she can be a Perfect STEVIE NICKS. 
I give her a 5 ***** and recommend her
highly.  Pamela Norman Newman

  I would like to thank Tina Hoffman For singing and creating a warm and fun atmosphere. Tina is one of the most open hearted caring persons I know. She connects people just for the happiness it give her knowing she can. 

Thank you for your kind thoughts and are like the "facebook whisperer"


  • bravo! I'm a fan.and here's a.standing ovation I applaud you.keep the flame burning..brilliant

Derek Tadashi Takeuchi

June 28 at 1:23pm
Derek Tadashi Takeuchi


Hi Tina,

...Your kids are lucky to have a mother such as yourself willing to encourage independent and creative thinking. :) 

Keep that inspiration alive. 

- Kent

timothy_mcgeary.JPG helping others and lifting up each othe'rs lives is our real purpose here on the planet, I always read your facebook emails and you are a kindred spirit we need more like you


I am sproud of you, Even you have 6 children. You look like a rock star!

Naomi Le Tourneau, 24 Hr Fitness

steve_zober.JPG I appreciate you. Steve Zober

Photo of Terence Tyler C.

Your reviews are great !

Terence Tyler


HI Tina! How are you? You are a blessing, I remember the tour you gave me of your town, what a day! - Dixie Lee

Re: Purchase of 101 Romantic Ideas at www.MenagerieTreasures.Com

"Thanks. I already like it. Good Idea and glad it was for a cause."


Hi Tina!!

Congrats on your new blog! So cool, and thanks so much for including us in your post! Love that gorgeous photo you used on the sides of your blog….YUM! makes me want to dive right in!!!  Great job on your first posts…I am honored to be included!!!

Wishing you the best!!!





You are such an extraordinary human specimen.

Randal Hunter Johnson Tina Hoffman of Menagerie Entertainment has been an associate on my team of film production and website based video email communication services since 2008 including various multimedia commercial advertising strategies for high profile entertainment industry clients and events which has resulted in development of her technical skills required for professional quality projects. Such as photography, videography, film production, graphic arts and image/audio editing for website design, business data operation management and promotional distribution.

Tina is a hard and dedicated worker with a creative insight and outgoing personality, an asset to any company looking to compliment their staff and improve efficiency in the workplace and should be considered a first choice in any company looking to hire quality individuals.

Randal Hunter Johnson, Stunt Actor Film Production, CEO RJ Hunter Productions

mike_cook.JPGAs an Internet Developer, Professor, and Director of Information Systems during the last 15 years I have had the great pleasure to meet some talented people who embrace technology rather than run from it.


Since the beginning of our collaboration four years ago, Tina Hoffman embraced and quickly learned all I taught her. Because she is an energetic and goal-oriented person learning comes easy.

As my apprentice Tina soaked up all I could give her and quickly put it into action. I assisted her with learning various technical skills related to professional video, website design and communication, and strategic networking.

Some of her main attributes are her persistence and diligence sometimes even ranging with obsession with work. She grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning her work.

Tina’s exceptional strengths consist of a very high energy level and excellent communication skills. Her poise, confidence, patience, and creativity really shine.

She has become a great video email marketing person that encompasses many web development and Internet skills. Using database driven websites effectively to accomplish her tasks and managing many other websites for her own businesses and others.

Seldom have I been able to recommend someone without reservation. It is a pleasure to do so in the case of Tina Hoffman.

Mike Cook, BS M.I.S.
www.Netinsco.Com Owner






Laurie Nettleton-Erickson
:) ♥  ...Sweetheart...You are a messenger for God! And, an enlighted, caring angel. Thank you, for having eyes that are opened to those in need!

You and your wonderful daughter(s) are a blessing to our community!
Sandy Wishes from the Beach,

 “I have worked with Tina in numerous Charity Events that are still ongoing for our non-profit organization. Who doesn't Tina know? As an artist, environmentalist, creative designer, business woman, mentor, mother, friend, etc etc., Tina is high energy and a go getter. I rely on her and she is trustworthy of her time and service. Tina is a sacrificial servant and so loving and kind to me. In my difficult hours, she shows up. She is the best communicative director I have known. She also is a starter and a finisher. Who can do that? Thank you have a heart of Gold and I'm honored to be your friend and servant in the community at large. Your singing voice is of your 1st loves! www.MenagerieEntertainment.Com/music.html -Jennifer Hope Webster President & CEO of Ministries Writer and Author” August 19, 2010 Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Your energy and optimism continue to amaze me. I can't thank you enough.

Michele –

Patrice JauffretTina is a detail-oriented person. She is generous and reliable. Her multicultural influence opens her to various styles of artistic expression, blending all kinds of people. Tina is a great and strong asset. I highly recommend her. Patrice Jauffret

Patje Music, Santa Monica, Paris, Geneva, Switzerland


Pamela Shurilla Tina is an amazing voice talent and out of the box Producer/Director, with an impeccable gift for bringing the right talent together (including herself) with the right music for the right venue."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Dear Tina,
Thank you so much for your email today. I loved meeting you, and you have such a kind and sweet spirit....and I was very moved by your talent and sensitivity to art and your activities left me feeling very inspired!!!!
I wish we lived closer so I could support your efforts.
You are a great inspiration.
Let's stay connected...
With joy,

Tina! You really make things happen


H Tina, It's Hugh from the Green Go show, hope you are well your shop looks great you are an amazing person. I got a painting in a gallery in Palm Springs. Art washes from the eyes the dust of everyday life. You are an inspiration
Years ago I was playing in a band. Tina and I struck up a friendship. She was booking shows at various clubs. As time went on, it became obvious that Tina was/is different than other promoters, whose main goal is to make a buck. Not that making money is wrong, just that she was/is really into the whole promotion of local music and artists for the sake of the talent. We have stayed in contact through the years, and her love for, and commitment to the local arts has remained steadfast. In our current economic situation it can be so easy to dismiss such causes, yet Tina and many of her friends and fans have not. Without the promotion of the arts, there would be no actors/actresses, musicians, artisans.... what a boring, mundane, unattractive world. In my opinion, the loss of Tina's shop is just another nail in the the coffin of local arts. I believe it is every citizens job, cross to bear, to ensure that the arts are preserved and nurtured.
Bands I represent:
Angry Old Men
Daddy's Little Monsters
Drunken Troubadours
Laughing Stalk
Red Rogue
Trash Daddy
Ultra Lux

Arts supporter holding sale

People who stumble across Tina Hoffman’s closet-size storefront on the Balboa Fun Zone sometimes mistake her for the palm reader a few doors down. Like Hoffman, the walls of Menagerie Castle, 705 Edgewater Ave., are draped in yards of colored lace, bits of vintage costume jewelry and ribbons.

“It’s kind of like a meeting place for people to talk about the community and the arts,” Hoffman said.

She has dubbed Menagerie Castle an “inspirational waterfront creative arts community hospitality studio office play space gallery,” but it’s hard to fit all of that on a business card, she said.

Hoffman hosts what she calls “Art Express,” a Thursday offering where people can create $5 art projects from the odds and ends she has amassed: fake flowers, wrapping paper, glitter and more.

“People come in here and have deep spiritual conversations,” Hoffman said.

For several years, Hoffman has organized a New Year’s Day talent show for locals to strum guitars and sing at the gazebo near the Balboa Pier. Most of the money to put on the event comes out of her own pocket.

Over the years, Hoffman has created events to bring merchants from the Fun Zone shopping district together. She started a monthly raffle in 2007 to draw more foot traffic to the area.


Sent: Sun, March 7, 2010 2:43:31 AM
Subject: My experience with Tina Hoffman with Menagerie Castle

Tina Hoffman with Menagerie Castle is by far the most effective networking person I have ever met.  So many people that I know have had their lives transformed as a result of their contact with Tina Hoffman.  One time I was sitting in a meeting with a group of people working on a service project and everyone in the meeting made their way to the leadership of that organization through a networking experience with Tina Hoffman.

 I have never seen anyone work so selflessly to bring positive influence into so many people’s lives.

 I personally will be grateful to Tina for her influence in my life.  I have innumerable professional and social relationships in my life as a direct result of networking with Tina.

 For years now Tina has been a very effective, viable, positive influence on our community with people from all walks of life, age groups and socio economic status.

 She truly is one of my favorite people of all times.


 Bill Turner

You are wonderful!!!
You have ministered to sooooooo many people including me!!!
I wish you the best.  Things are tough for all of us right now!!!
You can use anything I have said for anything you need to use it for!!!
Just know that there are a lot of us out there who recognize the incredible way that God has used you in so many people's lives.
Keep living for Jesus!!!

I could not help but notice you.I must say you are an angel.i really do like you...

Thanks Tina,
You continue to be such a blessing.I pray that GOD showers you with good things today.

Dear Tina,

You amaze me with your cleverness.....

Subject: Sean's Faith Based Movie Premiere To Save A Life: Congrats!!

TINA YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much for all your support! :) I appreciate your heart and all the connections you've brought my way over the years - Anthony Chase & Steve, Talk Fusion, Event Consultants, etc, etc, etc! So, once again... THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Take Care
God Bless You Tina!
- Sean

Sean Michael Afable

I can't believe how much response I have been receiving as a result of your video email commercial.

It is overwhelming !!! I have never experienced anything like it !!! I can't even keep up with the calls !!!



The fundraiser benefits art and music programs that support local artists and musicians of all ages for show opportunities/networking/classes/events/etc. Many in attendance will be local artists and musicians who Tina has networked with over the years. The money for her events usually comes out of her own pockets and she gives 110% of herself to help others be inspired to achieve their dreams. You will meet Tina Hoffman on the cruise, she is one of my most dear and beloved of friends with a killer smile and personality to match. Whether you attend for a heart-warming date night or just by yourself to socialize, relax, take in the sites or join in one of the many conversations on board– you will have a wonderful evening. Hope to see you there!
marcia escobosa

lead graphic designer
strategic communications
california state university, fullerton

you were always so nice and helped find some gigs for my band JACAR

Thank you Tina  
You are just awesome and an inspiration to many other Christians.

Bringing fun back to Balboa

Tina Hoffman, owner of Menagerie Castle at the Balboa Fun Zone, is an organizer of Fun Zone Fridays, a community event happening the first Friday of every month.

By Amanda Pennington and Kent Treptow
LA Times Daily Pilot


Hello Tina, This is Rodger,

I just
wanted to thank you for sharing your music, and congratulate you on your
web-site: I was/am fairly impressed by your efforts, which are without a
doubt, a very worthwhile endeavor. I have to admit to some lingering
curiosity about you: why you started the site, why you seem so
vibrant......... you know, the normal stuff ;-).

you're the kind of person that Disneyland used to be
about................... again, thank you for sharing,



You are truly a one of a kind lady!

Your kind spirit and undaunted persistance is an inspiration to us all.

Craig Carpenter,

Radio Station / Production Manager



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