Ever since I can remember and my mom confirmed since about the age of 2 the first time I ever noticed the emblem on the hood and because of the cat like shape until 1986 since I was obsessed with cats my favorite car has been a Jaguar... However, by the time I was of car purchasing age I had become brainwashed into thinking they were all lemons and more expensive than any other brands to repair...so I never thought I would ever possess ...until after a few months following the death of a previous miracle mobile when I had only accumulated $1000  towards my $2000 goal to purchase something at least almost decent while in the meantime trying to creatively arrange the most family fun out of our bus trips to do errands...until one particular night when it started to unexpectedly rain at an awkward bus stop on an island with no seats or sidewalk across the street from The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach and after enduring all of us and our groceries becoming splashed with mud I experienced one of those last straw moments and as soon as I got home decided to search The Recycler for ANTYTHING that would at least run for the $1000 I had regardless of how it looked or if it even had any seats lol... Only two results showed up at that price range. One was a non running Toyota for parts and the other was 1980 something Jaguar XJ6. I called to see if there was a mistake especially since it also looked beautiful in the photo and the owner said it was not a mistake and that it was in great mechanical condition and he offered to meet me at my mechanic's shop. So when he drove up the mechanic immediately notified that if I didn't buy it HE would since the tires were worth more than that...So I had that miracle mobile for years and then another one for close to the same price after that one was stolen and for every repair was never any more expensive than would have been for any "other car"  which I also contribute to the miracle mechanic I nicknamed Jaguar Angel aka Tom Sheehan.  His last repair on my miracle mobile required a couple of weeks wait for a part he ordered from eBay so since he was kind enough to lend me his own Jaguar for all of that time I asked if I could help him sell the parts from so many of his Jaquars just sitting in the lot.covered in dust..but then he notified they were not for parts but all in working condition but he didn't have time to list in the classifieds....so I offered to list for him (with no expectation of any compensation) and ended up creating a photo montage video inspired by the vintage Jaguar TV commercial featuring the "Desert Rose" SONG by Sting...which resulted in the sale of them all just in time....since after this he discovered extremely advanced stage 4 cancer and had to immediately leave his business and move to Arizona for his daughter to care for him ...and so the sale of all of those cars instead of otherwise having to have left them behind with the loss of business was miraculous timing to assist with cost of treatments and mediation


As a result ...


Not only did I end up receiving his very favorite champagne gold angel (Jaguar) that he nicknamed "his baby" as a gift aka my miracle mobile #7 aka "Angel Baby...but he also provided a beautiful blue angel for a friend in need of a miracle mobile as a gift also


Scroll down to view photos of our Jaguar miracle mobiles received as a result of this "Jaguars and Other Cars" commercial that I created without expectation of any compensation but ONLY out of appreciation for services already provided since 1993 by our "Jaguar Angel" Tom Sheehan.




November, 2010



aka Miracle Mobile #7


Jaguar Angel Tom always calls this gold champagne one "his baby"

So now that it's my Miracle Mobile # 7 (my favorite number)

I named it "Angel Baby"







Can you believe...it EVEN has leopard seat belt covers !!!


I tried to make Jaguar Angel keep his plush toy for nostalia but he refused and said it stays with his "baby" so I kept it as a reminder to be praying for him and his family



The same week...

Best selling author Dianne Wilson co pastor at www.newportchurch.com gave her Sisterhood friends a Christmas gift of Angel Wings....I randomly placed on my dashboard shelf but realized how sooo purrrfectly appropriate...so it has remained ever since



Multiple solo singing jobs in September thru the holidays required Angel Baby to become storage space for my music and sound equipment so I brought the plush cat inside soas not to accidently get crushed and just flopped him over my studio office playspace chair....Then a few days later found an angel halo at the store which I purchased for a costume and as I was about to put it away...decided to place it on Jaguars head instead, which ended up an accidental representation of "Jaguar Angel"...then a few days later received an invitation to the real Jaguar Angel's memorial celebration...

after discovering he had passed into eternity


 IRONICALLY the same day !!!


 Jaguar Angel, Tom Sheehan R.I.P 10/2/11




Eviana's Miracle Mobile # 1


"Teal Angel"

( Her eyes are teal green also AND same birthday, August 1993 )

PS it took 2 years later for me to realize my gold angel baby is an 85 which is my same bday year backwards lol 1958


Before Jaguar Angel moved to Arizona after his daughter discovered Eviana had been given a gift of driving lessons so would soon be getting her license... she offered to let her have the $3000 "Teal Angel" for $1000 down and payments as she could afford...but we couldn't even afford that at the time...


So a year later when she had accumulated $1000 and couldn't find anything local she just happened to wonder if that one had sold yet so I emailed the daughter just to ask if it had sold ...and her reply without even knowing why I was asking....


 " I would sell it to Eviana for $1,000.

We just put a new battery in it, and the hood is a little warped but she could get it fixed I'm sure pretty easily. ...We could deliver it down there to you if you think your interested" xoxo

(From daughter of Jaguar Angel Tom Sheehan in Arizona )

You can imagine how excited Eviana was...


After this surprise we were notified that a gentleman friend of Jaguar Angel who had previous interest but then had to be hospitalized at the mayo clinic, unepectedly decided he wanted it afterall....Instead of appearing to be disappointed, Eviana was happy that someone who is sick could at least have a nice car...


BUT THEN...after several weeks of experiencing frustrating search for anything that runs for $1000

I told her not to worry since many cars will be for $ale around Christmas after many will be receiving new mobiles as gifts...and besides we ultimately knew God would eventually provide her with a miracle mobile from "somewhere"....which ended up being another notification that the gentleman changed his mind so it was now available again...and could be delivered in Barstow before Christmas...However this time, I decided not to tell her just in case minds were changed again...Now how I could possibly get her to remove her money from the bank and arrange work schedule to spend the day traveling to Barstow ?!?!?...Other than from Leavin Las Vegas Sheryl Crow song, we had never heard of Barstow before lol...So I prayed for an idea and what came out of my mouth was that "a friend and her husband arranged to meet us in Barstow where they have many cars for sale and guaranteed we would find "something that runs" for $1000"...In the meantime, "that friend" changed her mind about meeting in Barstow for the surprise delivery since she was picking up family for their Big Bear Christmas weekend...guess where ?....2 blocks from where we live ! So as you can see from the photos below I had a patio view of the arrival ! at which time I snuck outside to attach "the bow". Then when I came back Eviana asked where I went and I said to help a friend with a surprise...and asked are you ready to go ? ( to Barstow lol ) so on our way out the door I looked at my phone and acted like I just recieved a text...then said oh ! that friend needs me again and you can help too...so she walked with me down the sidewalk and after a few steps noticed...










Time to withdraw her own $1000

earned and $aved from working hard at Dennys, Pac Sun and Performing Arts Dance Studio




My SECRET patio view of the arrival  !





August 1993 registration

 is the SAME month and year as Eviana's birthday !!!




See the bow and Angel wing !



YAY Finally !!!



Cd + Cassette Player AND the windows all work !



First Bath




First Destination:

 Post Office for Delivery of Christmas Gifts





Bye Bye !



♪♫^♥^♪♫  Tine to Celebrate FREEDOM !!! ♪♫^♥^♪♫





JULY 2013


Eviana decided to explore new fun adventures in Oregon on a bicycle

and so is providing TEAL ANGEL as Miracle Mobile #1 for her fellow KEAN Coffee Barista friend








APRIL 10, 2017

Thank You TMT Rutherford Family

for Miracle Mobile Angel Baby power steering repair !!!

and rental car 




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