When my girls were home the last two times the same girl needed jeans the first time as soon as we walked in the door a lady just handed her a pair and said hey these look like they would fit you and they did and when we got home discovered $180 price tag still in the pocket...the second time on our way inside I laughed and said ok let's see if will get another "jeans miracle" lol...and the two pairs she selected were also new with $180 and $200 price tags still attached lol at that time all jeans were sold for $8  THANKS  to Judy for reminding me about this now I am on my way to include on my miracle journal webpage &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫

When I discovered a black circular growth on my heel but without insurance or time for an appointment with a podiatrist, I prayed for a miracle HEELing and then thought I was dreaming the next day when it had completely disappeared !!! HaleluJAH once again !!! >j<

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