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Interscope & Warner Brothers recording artist John Oszajca with $2 million all time single day sales record at CD baby teaches you how to use proven online marketing techniques to sell albums and to create a profitable and sustainable career
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Just of few examples of topics include...
* The Most Important Tool In My Music Marketing Toolbox
* Your guide to music licensing
* Learn how to land sponsorship for your band
* Spotify: Helping Or Hurting Independent Artists? 
* Grow your fan base and actually sell music, without ever leaving your living room 
* How To Schedule Facebook Posts And Twitter Tweets For Free (no apps or software needed)
* Search Engine Optimization SEO 

John OszajcaHi, John Oszajca here. I'm a musician and the founder of Music Marketing Manifesto.com.

And I’m going to let you in on a heart breaking reality... All of the “exposure” in the world is not going to help your music career one bit. Why? 

It's not because your music isn't any good...

It's not because illegal downloads have caused people to stop buying music...

And it's not because you need to have a major label, land a placement in a hit movie, or have a huge budget in order to sell albums… 

The reason most independent music careers are dead before the album is even released is because the average musician doesn’t have a system in place which is designed to actually SELL music.  

Live performances, social media, radio, and press are all well and good. But they are “exposure” based, and they leave all of the burden on the consumer and do nothing to actually close the sale. 

Fortunately the process of taking cold traffic and converting it into BUYERS is not some big mystery. 

In fact it’s been well established for over 100 years. However, these strategies have been largely unknown to the music industry since it’s inception.

That is until now... 
 ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - TESTIMONY "I have always had a real block about this. I used to go all rigid when I saw the term. You could say I had a strong aversion to it and what I thought it stood for.

Last night, I finally forced myself to start on the SEO section in the Music Marketing Manifesto. Suddenly, this morning, it is starting to make sense! I already write blog posts, and I now I am getting a feel for how I can use keywords and group my posts etc to increase the chance that people find me. I am chuffed! Thanks John Oszajca !

The MMM course has been totally worth the money by the way. I know it sounds like a plug, but it is true. It has given me a very in depth overview on online marketing of music. A real kick-start. I estimate that it probably saved me years trying to put it all together myself. Highly recommended if you do your own marketing as a musician." Marcus K. Financial Freedom For Musicians

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