Response from Huntington Beach High School Academy for The Performing Arts

after notification of Ten Mile Tongue's $100 donation with request to delegate for specific scholarships or award gifts

Friday May 5, 2017 Ten Mile Tongue ROCKS Cinco de Mayo 4 HB APA at Fitzgerald's Irish Pub 


Hi Tina, 
This is from APA. We spoke last week, and I've since found out a few things. 
One of our foundations, the APA Foundation, awards approximately four $1,000 scholarships per year to seniors pursuing the arts as a major or minor in college. Our EEFA foundation also gives small awards at our end-of-the-year Academy Awards show. We could absolutely use help from donors to set up more scholarships or fund these existing entities! 
I love your idea of having local musicians create scholarships, donating a percentage of proceeds from gigs to EEFA (which would be tax deductible) and touring bands coming through to hold concerts to benefit the Academy. These are all A-OK with us.  
Another need we have is for sponsorships. We ask each family to contribute $525 per year as their Family Pledge, but some families are unable to fulfill that entirely or at all. It would be fantastic to start a sponsorship program where people can take over the financial commitment for students in need. 
Please let me know your thoughts on these ideas and if we can make any of them happen. Thank you so much for reaching out and taking an interest in how our community of artists can help foster the creative youth.
Public Relations -
Huntington Beach High School/HBUHSD
1905 Main Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648
<> wrote:
Thanks !!!
You don't even know how happy I am that sons of TMT singer Dean and drummer Joe are benefiting from this program after previous decades of  late night conversations with members of sparkle*jet aka Susan West + Michael Simmons + Jamie Knight regarding their vision to nurture youth talent during what I wouldn't be surprised were some of my local band showcase events where TMT could have been performing on the same night LoL
Local OC Band sparkle*jets u.k.
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Thank You TMT Rutherford Family

for Miracle Mobile Angel Baby power steering repair !!!

and rental car





>♪< Much Love & BlesSINGs to my miracle flute angels Dean Rutherford​ and Kristina Rutherford for being the answer to secret prayer since 2010

>♪< Believing for MIRACLE replacement of my flute that I had to $ell along with many other treasures to finance "Menagerie Castle Community Hospitality Creative Arts Studio Gallery Local Band Museum" on The Balboa Village FUN Zone Boardwalk in Newport Beach and other related community talent showcase events and FUNdrai$ers



SOLD May 15, 2010




Love Gift 

From Miracle Flute Angels Dean & Kristina

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