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>♪< Sent by an Angel >♪<

Box of treasures belonging to my biological "father" jazz royalty icon Sir Charles Thompson including original typed Smithsonian Institute interview + contracts with Count Basie, BMI and authentic European jazz venues with names like "hot club de france" LoL + tapes from years of rehearsals, live gigs and personal conversations...PHOTOS and reveal of more contents to be continued...

at www.MenagerieEntertainment.Com/Sir_Charles_Treasures_Sent_By_An_Angel



This wonderful leisurely performance of ROBBINS’ NEST (written in honor of disc jockey and Forties jazz personage Fred Robbins) is in honor of nonagenarian Sir Charles Thompson, still with us.


But it’s also in honor of a kind of playing that is often neglected: suave, elegant but funky, taking its time, honoring the individual but building community.  I wasn’t born in the heyday of Fifty-Second Street, and I suspect that the clubs there were noisy, crowded, and that miraculous music didn’t happen at every set

Miracles happen at The Ear Inn (326 Spring Street, Soho, New York) regularly, beginning around 8:15 Sunday evenings, when The EarRegulars assemble in their favorite corner.

On April 26, 2015, the band was Jon-Erik Kellso, trumpet; James Chirillo, guitar; Nicki Parrott, string bass; Engelbert Wrobel (an Angel from Germany), clarinet, and guest Dan Block, tenor saxophone.  And they made a cozy nest of sounds for us:

Make yourself comfortable in this wondrous Nest.


Often, “Blues for X” is a memorial for the departed X — grief in the shape of an improvisation.  It’s thus a pleasure to offer this BLUES FOR SIR CHARLES, a celebration, not an elegy, for the remarkable pianist Sir Charles Thompson, born March 21, 1918, still with us, living happily in Japan (playing golf, I understand).

Knighted by Lester Young, Sir Charles has and had a distinctly personal style: the casual listener could mistake him — for a few bars only — for Basie, and his rhythmic engine is just as reliable, but Charles heard and employed a broader harmonic palette than did the Count, so one is always delighted by the strong swing he engenders allied to the boppish harmonies.

He’s recorded for John Hammond’s Vanguard series and also crops up memorably on the Columbia Buck Clayton Jam Sessions.  My friend Bill Gallagher has created a Thompson discography, accessible here.

But I have something more rewarding to offer as a tribute to Charles, which is Ray Skjelbred’s rocking piano evocation of the great man, performed on November 28, 2014, at the San Diego Jazz Fest:

Marc Caparone brilliantly manages to evoke a whole host of Basie trumpeters — Tatti Smith, Lips Page, Sweets Edison, Buck Clayton, Shad Collins, Bobby Moore — while sounding just like his natural self; Beau Sample rocks the rhythm in the great tradition of Walter Page, and Hal Smith’s sweeping hi-hat and accents in the final choruses could swing Mount Fuji joyously.  And Master Skjelbred takes the opportunity to honor his hero with some deliciously unexpected runs and chords, suggesting not only Joe Sullivan on a straightaway but also Monk at Minton’s, 1941.

If you can listen to the final minute of this performance — starting with the riffing hide-and-seek of Marc and Ray — without moving around in your chair, I wonder if your blood pressure might be dangerously low.  Consult your physician. Do not operate any heavy machinery.

May your happiness increase!



Just discovered he sings too..When You're Smiling is a song by Louis Armstrong



VIEW 2010 VIDEO of Robbin's Nest by Sir Charles Phillip Thompson at  &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♫ ♪



SCT sketch


Fathers Day Sonday Love & BlesSINGs *!* I never knew my earthly father or even who he was until just a few years ago someone discovered online communication about him from his international jazz fans. After finding his contact through the musicians union providing his HOLLYWOOD phone number resulting in an intriguing conversation revealing previously mysterious hereditary passion for ♫ MUSIC ♫ and spirituality including my professional singer mom and his generation's inability to combine both ...he said his current singer wife from Japan and his step daughter that he adopted would be devastated to know he has a real blood related daughter and 6 grandchildren he has never acknowledged since that is considered an extremely offensive disgrace in their Asian he requested no further contact. I believe the multigenerational curse of fatherlessness contributes to my life as a single mom of 6 father abandoned children since divorce 20 yrs ago with no extended family support. So I speak empathetically from a life time of personal experience with the missing father syndrome when I suggest to all who are fatherless in my world to compensate for this unfair theft by the joy robbing enemy of families by finding someone or many someones without a father to BE one to them today and beyond. It would be a fun, enlightening and fulfilling inspirational exploration to venture into the public to discover how many of all ages will be so easily detected who are obviously trying to ignore painful observance of others celebrating complete families throughout every community today. Psalm 68:4-6 "♫ SING to God ♫ SING praises to His name ♫ A father of the fatherless and a judge and protector of the widows is God in His holy habitation. God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell; He leads the prisoners out to prosperity" (I never noticed the "prisoners" verse before but now appreciate as an ironic God Wink reminder to also mention the youngest of my 3 father abandoned sons who just turned 24 is a resident of James Musick prison with a sentence of 15 more months... with many other father abandoned young men and women I also happen to know from my community entertainment activities for so long including within correctional facilities) James 1:26-27 "Real, true religion and worship that is pure and unblemished from God the Father’s perspective is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need" Another ironic God Wink is that 10 years ago this son now in prison was selected to be in the first commercial for speaking the featured script "God has a plan for your life" you can view at aka confirmation reminder that God is working on His plan for ANY and ALL of our messes and tests to become MESSages and TESTimonies "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life in abundance to the full till it overflows. We are assured that God works ALL things work together into a plan for good to and for those who love Him and are called according to His design and purpose by His power that is at work within us able to carry out His purpose superabundantly far over and above all that we dare ask or think infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams. " John 10:10, Romans 8:28, Ephesians 3:20 

&;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♫ ♪





Sonday Love and Blessings, June

"My Father's Secret Piano Garden" is what I am inspired to name this year's (life without a) Father's Day special greeting from God aka to me THIS visual image speaks more than a thousand words especially considering after living life without any knowledge of my father I am now discovering that the previously "mystery dad" is a jazz pianist with history of writing and creating recordings with Capitol RecordsColumbia RecordsDelmark Records, the oldest jazz and blues independent record label in the United StatesDecca Records, Hollywood Stampede, King RecordsRCA VictorVanguard Records

and included on the A list of jazz, rhythm and blues rock pioneers performing , composing and contributing arrangements since the age of 10 with Annisteen AllenB. B. KingBarney KesselBen WebsterBennie MotenBenny GoodmanBenny GreenBig Joe TurnerBig John GreerBillie HolidayBuck ClaytonBull Moose JacksonCharlie DixonCharlie GreenCharlie Parker "Bird",  Coleman HawkinsCootie WilliamsCount Basie/"Holy Man",   Dexter GordonDizzy GillespieDuke EllingtonEarle WarrenEddie "Lockjaw" DavisElla Fitzgerald,  Erroll GarnerEthel WatersFrank SinatraFreddie GreenGeorge ShearingGerald WilsonHarry "Sweets" EdisonIrving AshbyJames P. JohnsonHerb EllisHerbie HancockHerschel EvansJ.C. HeardJimmy DorseyJimmy Rushing,  Jo JonesJoe WilliamsJohn HammondKeith EmersonLester Young,  Lionel HamptonLouis ArmstrongLucky MillinderMiles Davis,.Nat King ColeOran 'Hot Lips' PageOscar PetersonQuincy JonesRay BrownRoy EldridgeRuth BrownSarah VaughanSam JonesSnooky Young,  Sonny GreerStan GetzTab SmithThomas "Fats" WallerTommy Dorsey,Vernon Page, Vic DickensonWalter PageWes MontgomeryWillie "The Lion" SmithWoody HermanWynonie Harris... and even more by now as I am in the process of discovering. since he is "still  performing and playing a mean game of golf " ...AT THE AGE OF 94 !!!

He was also honored with official musician royalty title by Sax/Clairinet Icon  Lester "Prez" Young after performing for  Queen Elizabeth II  ♪♫^♥^♪♫  

When I contacted him at his home in Hollywood, he said he was sorry that my (night club jazz singer) mom never informed him about my apparently secret unexpected miracle birth ...but in consideration of potential reaction from adopted family of his jazz singer wife from Japan 25 years ago ...he requested no further communication.

As I was ready to abide by his wishes and hang up "something" made me say one last thing for his consideration... "I don't know if you believe in God or not but if so maybe you could pray about it"

which resulted in him continuing the conversation to inform me that "as a matter of fact" he had intended on following the path of his dad ...and his dad by becoming a 3rd generation minister

but instead chose what he referred to as the opposite spectrum of life in the entertainment industry

Ironically my jazz singer mom chose to give up her life within "the brat pack" entertainment industry to become a minister

Even more ironic is how the results of every career + personality assessment I have ever taken just for fun

has always had the same two almost equally compatible recommendation for best choices of occupation...

Entertainment OR Social Service (includes ministry) lol

No wonder it seems like my entire life has accidentally by no conscience choice of my own

been quite an eclectic combination of BOTH even during those rare few seconds during those rare times in my life when I have almost tried to consider the advice of others suggesting that I should really focus on one or the other


"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, 

 is God in His Holy House" Psalm 68:5



Our 2012 Father's Day Heavenly Breakfast with Our Heavenly DAD aka pesto omelette at Menagerie Castle Oceanview Cafe. "I will not leave you as orphans" John 14:18 "You are now fully adopted as God's own children because He sent the Spirit of his Son into our lives to cry out, "Papa! Father!" Doesn't that privilege of intimate conversation with God make it plain that you are His child? And if you are a child, you're also an HEIR, with complete access to the INHERITANCE" Galations 4:4-7 "I will BLESS you to BE a BLESSING Genesis 12:2 "The Blessing of a father"www.EdTandyMcGlasson.Com "The difference a father makes...It's NEVER too Late VIDEO> ♪♫^♥^♪♫




"My Father's Secret Piano Garden" is what I have named this year's (life without a) Father's Day unexpected early greeting from God aka Heavenly Father that for some reason He decided to mysteriously give by inspiring Belinda Gray to share this photo speaking SO MUCH MORE than a thousand words to me that I "just happened" to notice out of a gazillion other feeds lol ...You will see why when I share the (partial) story for Father's Day SONDAY Love and Blessings and in the meantime...

Here is a hint ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫


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Dottie in her apartment: the crooked picture over her shoulder is one of Charles

My friend, jazz scholar Bill Gallagher, writes,

Dorothe “Dottie” Bigard was the wife and widow of Barney Bigard and a virtual encyclopedia of jazz personalities. I first came to know Dottie around 1990. Barney had passed away in 1980 and, at the time, she was a companion of Sir Charles Thompson.

Charles and I had been in close contact, as he and I were working on his discography ( Often, Dottie and I would chat a bit before Charles picked up the phone, and that is how our friendship began. Not long after, their relationship broke up (Charles had moved to Japan and married over there) but Dottie and I had, by that time, become good friends. We talked on the phone at least once a week and I would visit with her when I was in Southern California while on business trips. On those occasions she preferred to stay in, so we’d order in Chinese and sit around and talk for the evening.

Dottie’s relationship with Barney began shortly after the outbreak of World War II and so she first became part of the Ellington family and, later, with the Armstrong family when Barney joined Louis in 1947. I remember watching the Ken Burns JAZZ series and seeing a clip of Louis and Lucille entertaining in their home in Queens and there was Barney and Dottie sitting in the living room having a great time. She tossed off those experiences like they were just every day occurrences, like brushing your teeth, but to me it was hallowed ground. To my everlasting regret, I didn’t evoke more jazz anecdotes from her because she could have filled a book. More often, our conversations would just as likely be about news, weather and politics as it would  be about jazz.

Dottie and Barney in Nice, France, 1977

She knew everyone associated with jazz, it seemed. There wasn’t a single name that I could throw her way that she didn’t have some experience to share. Once, I mentioned that I had just picked up a CD featuring Albert Nicholas and she went on to say that he and Barney used to room together when they lived in Chicago and Barney was playing with Joe Oliver. However the friendship and the living arrangement broke up when they both started dating the same girl. “Is there anyone you don’t know?” I’d ask her, and she would just laugh.

Dottie’s manner was casual and friendly and there was a certain rough charm about her that, perhaps, came from her Wyoming origins. Whatever her exterior, she had a heart of gold and a love of all things jazz. I recall her telling me that when she first met Barney, she really didn’t connect him with Ellington – she was a Goodman fan. But all that changed and later when she would attend gatherings of the Ellington Society, she was treated like royalty.

A social call from Kenny Davern

In August 2000, my wife and I were driving home from a few days in Carmel and she was checking our phone messages. There was a call from Floyd Levin telling me that Dottie had suffered a fatal heart attack. She was 82, but in my mind we were contemporaries, and I knew that I would probably never get to know anyone like her again. They say that after God made certain people, He threw the mold away. It couldn’t have been more true in the case of Dottie Bigard.

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