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Your Little Girl

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♫💜‌‌‌‌ YOUR LITTLE GIRL was written by Tina Hoffman, daughter of jazz royalty Sir Charles Thompson "Inspired by my relationship with my mother & others who have ever felt rejected or offended by someone they love who becomes a disappointment when their talents or life decisions can't be manipulated by anyone else's expectations"

♫💜‌‌‌‌ LYRICS
She came to you when you were sad
You gave her things you never had
Kept her from the world you knew
Where you once were she'll be there too
Oh no she better not forget
The life you gave up for her best
You never knew she understood
The things you did were for her good

The little girl you loved her so
You ask yourself where did she go
Where is she now
Where could she be
Well can't you see that girl is me

That's not the girl I used to know
My little girl I loved her so
I've heard you say it's such a pity
My little girl was once so pretty
She used to be so sweet you cry
To see her now just makes you sigh
Those words you hear she'd never say
My little girl can't be that way

My baby's not the same I see
I wanted her to be like me
You won't accept her anymore
Because her thoughts aren't just like yours
So now she's gone out on her own
Left you there to be alone
With you she'd be if you want her there
Your little girl will always care